7 Things to do Before Moving Into a New Home

Sometimes, we need to move our home due to a new job or low house cost. When you decide to move home, you should plan it ahead. You should prioritize your tasks so that you don’t face any uncomfortable situation after you move into the new house. These are some things you need to do before moving into a new home.

Change locks on the doors

door-lock-123176_960_720Once you have selected the home you want to move, completed the paperwork and got the keys, you need to buy new lock sets for your doors. You should call a locksmith in your house. The previous home owners or tenants have keys to this house, so for your peace of mind, it’s better to get the locks changed.

Get the house thoroughly cleaned

Some of the previous occupants of the house will clean the house before leaving, but there are some who don’t. In such case, you need to clean your own house. It is better to hire a professional cleaner for the work. But if you are on a tight budget then you can choose to do it yourself. You should set up space where you are going to keep all your supplies and tools. You should get the buckets, mops, brooms, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Paint the ceilings walls

6863545106_3653bfe445_bIf the house you moved into doesn’t have fresh paint, you can choose to paint the ceilings and the walls. This task is very time consuming. You can hire professionals to do work. Before putting on the paint, you should make sure that there are no cracks, holes or defects on the walls. You should check the walls’ condition, fix it and then apply the paint.

Get closet organizers

The closet of old houses has simple pole and shelf. You should decide where you want to store what and you might think of buying organizers to accommodate everything. You can add an extra shelf, coat hook, etc. to keep your things.

Install new switch plates

light-switch-767749_960_720Houses that have undergone renovations might have mismatched outlets. They could be dirty and discolored as well. By replacing these outlets with new ones, you will have uniformity, and your house will look new as well. You should hire an electrician for the job.

Clean and service your mechanical equipment

You should get your heating and cooling systems cleaned. You should routinely check up these devices to ensure that they are working properly. Getting things fixed before any major problem can occur is less expensive.

 Install window treatments

You can do some window treatments for privacy or getting better looking windows.  You can choose your personalized option when doing these treatments.

These things must be done before you move to your new house. This will prevent any hassle after moving, and you will be able to start living comfortably in your new home.