5 Tips For Packing When You Are Moving House

Moving house is a very tough and tiring job. It takes up your time and can be messy sometimes. The biggest problem people face is when it comes to packing. Here are five packing tips that can keep your stress level to a minimum.

1. Plan

Business-Team-Two-People-Meeting-Computers-Office-1209640Whether you are packing part of your belongings or the entire house, you need to start as soon as possible. You should come up with a plan, set dates at which you want to pack each room. You should work room by room. It is better to start with the drawers and cupboards. You would start organizing early so that there is enough time to finish packing before the day you are moving.

 2. Use moving cartons

If you are packing yourself, you should use cartons like those used by the professional removals companies. The supermarket or fruit boxes that most people tend to use are not designed for keeping fragile items. So, you may not be able to carry things safely using these boxes.

3. Pack effectively

You need to use some strategy to pack effectively. You should place the breakable items at the top so that no weight is being placed on them. You should place lots of paper both at the top and the bottom of every carton to fill in the gaps. The cartons must be packed tightly. If the cartons are loosely packed, the items inside may get damaged.

4. Minimise weight

5346367887_c23f0ed8b7_bYou must ensure that the boxes are not too heavy. That way unpacking will be easier for you. You should make sure that the cartons are not very large. You should balance the number of light and heavy items that will go inside each carton. For example, books are heavy items, so you should use small book cartons so that the weight is less. After filling in the cartons, you should seal them tightly with proper adhesive tape.

5. Label the boxes

You should label each carton with a permanent marker. You should write the name of the room and what things are inside. If you have something fragile inside, then make sure you label ‘fragile’ on top of the box.

When you transport your boxes, make sure you move them carefully. You can hire professional removalists for moving your belongings to the new place. Make sure the company provides proper insurance for your goods.